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Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance - Tribal Grooves

Over the past month I have had the great opportunity to take my dance half way around the globe–Australia and New Zealand–teaching, performing, sharing. I have taught amazing women so many aspects of our dance, this dance we love with our heart, soul, and bodies. I am blessed to see so many women blossom into their beauty, on so many different levels. Living their dreams. Feeling great. Making connections. Establishing communities for passion, fun, creativity, love.

I have met women of all ages and sizes, backgrounds and cultures, with varying accents and desires, who share the passion and dedication to our dance, and all the styles combined, and all it represents– not just the dance, but community, support, love, fun, self-love and self-care, creativity, movement, wellness, health, encouragement and compassion, spiritual, physical and emotional awareness.

We all have varying degrees of all of these components. Which is awe-inspiring.

This trip, and over the years, I have also heard stories of dance heartaches and mini-divorces, body un-love, friendship separations, lack of confidence, self-hedonism, physical dilemmas, feelings of being left out, not achieving the level of something you want, rudeness and unprofessionalism, non-communication. Whoa…life happens, people change, step away, step into, revolt, replenish, shift, try something else, whatever they need to do. It is their stuff…no one else’s. This I have learned. Nothing is forever.